Sarah and Dave met when they we’re both working in a wine shop in Melbourne. As lovers of wine they chose to have their reception in a winery in Sarah’s home town of Adelaide, In fact, the same winery where Dave proposed to Sarah. Could a wedding venue be more perfect?

This is my favorite kind of wedding. The kind where the couple really know what the whole thing should be about. Don’t get me wrong, no fine detail was overlooked by Sarah’s mother who did a fantastic job with the styling (with the help of Dave who is a graphic designer). Sarah even had a tiny bridezilla moment and had to be rushed back to the hairdresser because she was having disastrous fringe issues before the ceremony. However, the overwhelming feeling that you get when you look at these photos is that these are two people who are loved not only by each other, but by everyone around them. And when you get to know these two, you realise why.

Sarah and Dave are two lovely and talented people who treasure their friends and family as well as each other. It was such a pleasure to be the photographer at this wedding and to witness this this wonderful and heartfelt celebration.

Here’s some of my faves from the day